Agar Agar

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A gelatin like product made from algae and red seaweeds.
It is processed by cooking and pressing the algae, freeze drying the residue into bars and then grinding it into a powder.
It has stronger setting properties than gelatin.
Agar Agar can be used to make the following items:
Cake Fillings
Agar Agar may also be used as the gelling agent in gel clarification, to clarify stocks, sauces, and other liquids.
It can also be used as a substitute for powdered gelatin in some recipes.
Agar Agar has many advantages over traditional gelatin.
Some advantages include the following:
Agar Agar is derived from a plant source rather than an animal source making it suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets
No taste, no odor and no color
It sets more firmly than gelatin
Agar agar can set at room temperature; it also stays in jelly form when temperatures rise